Our Story

From the very beginning, Butte Hospitality Ltd. has been an international family. Starting with Ram and Olga Khanal, from Nepal and Ukraine respectively, the Butte Hospitality family has always welcomed new faces, new ideas and new dishes representing the diversity of this nation. Throughout our years of operation, it’s been our pleasure to share our passion for culture and food with everyone who comes through our restaurant doors.

We humbly began with the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern, but have since grown to include a total of three restaurants in Southern Alberta, including one in Picture Butte and two in Lethbridge. Through our unique, locally-sourced, internationally-inspired menus, we focus on creating connections. From the spark of conversation between two friends to the warmth of collaboration with local farmers, we strive to build culture through connection.

As we grow, we look forward to bringing our particular brand of connection to the rest of Alberta and beyond.

Our History


Picture Butte Hotel Renovation

With three successful restaurants up and running, Ram and Olga decided the old Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern needed a makeover. They partnered with local contractors to renovate the whole first floor, expanding the liquor store, and creating a modern, classic atmosphere to enhance the family dining experience


The Water Tower

An iconic Lethbridge landmark, the Water Tower has long defined the skyline of the city, and so, when it came up for sale, Ram and Olga saw another opportunity. Featuring local food and drinks that everyone can afford, along with a style and vibe that no restaurant can replicate, the Water Tower Grill & Bar has finally found traction with the community and beyond.


The Telegraph

Not content to sit on their heels and ride the success of their first endeavour, Ram and Olga jumped at the chance to own the Telegraph Taphouse when it came up for sale. As a PBH restaurant, it has remained a cornerstone, connecting us to the heart of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta


Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern

Once a tiny town bar, the Picture Butte Hotel & Tavern was the Khanal’s first step in creating their vision of a restaurant rooted in the community and inspired by the flavours of the world.