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To create unique spaces and menus which spur culture and connection – neighbour to neighbour, and farm to table.
New Location Launching Soon!

We’re excited to announce The Chophouse is opening a second location in Taber – 5227 – 48 Avenue to be exact. This expansion has been in the works for a long time, but due to an extensive renovation, we don’t have an opening date quite yet.

But, we do have a building – a building we are very proud of. Like every other restaurant in the Butte Hospitality family, the new Cattlemen’s will occupy a historic building.

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Our Brands

Crafting distinctive venues and menus that foster a sense of community and interconnectedness, celebrating local culture and embracing the farm-to-table concept.

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Seafood & Steak

The Water Tower has been an integral part of Lethbridge’s skyline since its completion in 1959. Back then, it stored and supplied Lethbridge with clean drinking water.

It’s hard to really understand the impact of The Water Tower until you’ve experienced it yourself. From the dizzying height of the 360-degree balcony to the unique interior dimensions and design, The Water Tower features some truly impressive specs!

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Multicuisine Rustic Restaurant

You can’t get better ingredients than right here at home, in Alberta.

That’s why our food begins with fresh ingredients from local ranchers and farmers. From that perfect starting point, our international chefs assemble dishes ranging from classic chophouse fare – like steaks and pork chops – to international cuisine you can’t get anywhere else.

Never settle for less than Alberta’s best.

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Craft Beers & Gastro Pub

Built to house Lethbridge’s original telegraph office, the old telegraph building has been home to connection since 1937. It connected WWII soldiers with loved ones at home, and it connected businesses with the outside world.

These days, the building is no longer meant for cross-country communication – our speciality is cross-table communication. That’s why we’ll always have our big, communal table at the centre of our restaurant, a cross-cultural menu with locally-sourced ingredients, and a wide selection of craft beers and whiskeys from around the world.

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